About Us

Our Focus

Women Initiative for Leadership Strategy and Innovation in Africa (Women Africa) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization focused on promoting gender equality and the broadest participation of women and girls in the leadership space through innovative means.

We are a Nigeria based, sub-regional, women’s rights organization that prepares, develops and inspires African women to take their fair and equal share of leadership positions across all sectors.

Founded in 2014, Women Africa works specifically to address issues germane to good governance, which includes eradication of all forms of violence; and pursuit of inclusive and participatory leadership that strengthens the inclusion of women and girls in decision making processes.

Our History

Women Africa started in 2014 as an online mobilization platform, galvanizing support for women’s issues, sharing information, advocating and initiating campaigns for the advancement of the status of African women and girls.  Following the extraordinary need for increased social mobilization for women’s equal involvement in local development, the organization moved in 2016 to engage with and motivate a wide range of partners and allies at local and national levels to raise awareness of and demand for the recognition of women’s participation in community development.

Since its establishment Women Africa has carried out activities and campaigns that have played key role in shaping public discourse and increasing visibility on women’s issues inciting social change and leading to discussions that shape the Nigerian political landscape.

Our Mission

Women Africa works towards the maximization of the contributions of women to Africa’s development potentials through capacity development, civic engagements, policy research and advocacy in leadership, strategy and innovations.

Our Vision

A world where the efforts of women and men are measured and valued equally.

Core Values


We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in women’s lives by transforming the root causes of gender inequality.


Women Africa believes and is committed to enhancing the capacity of its stakeholders, providing African women with a platform for sharing ideas, learning and creating linkages to build up leaders in African society.


We are honest and transparent and are committed to evaluating and communicating the outcomes of our work with integrity. We assure the integrity of our systems and programs and will keep holding ourselves to higher ethical standards.


Our commitment to social justice and development is predicated on the genuine and informed aspirations of the people.


Our organization exists to serve the needs of the people and to hold the people and their leaders accountable to serve the common good.


We are committed to results at every level of our work for all partners including, donors, beneficiaries and the wider communities impacted by its activities

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