We are committed to developing innovative ideas that improve the     quality of lives and human rights of women, girls and persons with disabilities.


To undertake evidence-based advocacy efforts in a multi-stakeholder framework for the involvement of women in governance and promote women’s voices and participation in improving the quality of services and institutions especially for marginalized groups.

Capacity Building

We seek to provide training and skills development to increase women’s leadership capacity and strategy to enhance access of women and girls to information on their status, rights and opportunities. We build the capacity of women and girls to effectively use this information for their advancement.


To undertake awareness campaigns that will strategically influence at national and international levels, development processes and debates that shape the discourse around gender equality and further women’s human rights.


To serve as leading platform for women mobilization, networking, information sharing, advocacy and campaign for African women and girls.


To build global partnerships with thought leaders, policy makers, organizations and advocates across sectors to explore emerging issues and formulate strategies for civic engagement, strong institutions and committed leadership in Africa

Peace and Sustainable Development

To promote social cohesion, tolerance, peace and sustainable development