Our Activities

Our Activities

Women Africa carry’s out its mandate through the following programme activities:


The human rights education and gender sensitization training in schools develops and expands the leadership capacity of adolescent girls and boys to understand and advocate for their human rights and to perform in leadership roles within their immediate environments – schools, homes, peer groups and communities.

Activities are aimed at addressing attitudes and behaviours of adolescents before they are fully formed. We believe that schools have a crucial role to play in educating children about gender equality and non-violence. Through this activity high school students are sensitized to learn expected and accepted behaviours, overcome gender stereotypes and roles, so that positive attitudes can be shaped from an early age.

Our Goal: Girls and boys, women and men live in relationships built on cooperation and mutual respect, and no one is valued more or less…


Globally one in three women will experience one form of physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, regardless of age, background or country. We are committed to ending violence against women and girls, and creating healthier, safer environments for the whole community.

Our Goal: Women and girls will live free from gender-based violence.

Working in partnership with the Federal Capital Territory Sexual and Gender Based Violence Response Team (FCT-SGBVRT) to provide victim support services and immediate referral for victims of sexual violence and domestic violence.

In 2018, Women Africa was awarded a national recognition by the Office of the Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria for its “commitment and contributions towards ending sexual and gender-based violence in Nigeria.”


Women Africa  Anti-SGBV Link: 080 56 58 34 92

FCT – SGBVRT  Emergency line: 080 78 11 11 26


By sharing the stories of brave women and groups who are fighting for gender equality, we bring attention to the critical issues that they face and show how, with your support, we can bring about lasting change.

Our Campaigns

  • #MyGenderPledge

Articles 4, 7 & 8 of CEDAW, and 9 of the Protocol require state parties to take specific positive action to promote participative governance and equal participation of women in political life through enabling national legislation, affirmative action and other measures. But owing to laxity in implementation, women’s representation in public office remains low. Despite sustained advocacy efforts the low level of political participation of women remains a major concern.

#MyGenderPledge, is a global campaign calling all individuals and stakeholders to make a pledge and stand for gender equality in their homes, businesses, schools, local communities and across all sectors.

  • #WomenAfricaCVE

Women play strong roles in deradicalisation, disarmament and reintegration processes based on their huge but different power base spanning the socio, economic, cultural and economic contributions. We believe more efforts should be made to integrate women in counter insurgency operations.

#WomenAfricaCVE was created to educate and draw attention to the powerful roles women play in peace building and national security and to build global alliances for counter narratives that will promote conflict resolution, counter violent extremism and a focus on women’s role in community and national security.

  • Convener of #GenderUpdatesNG

Is the foremost online community of practice for gender and social inclusion practitioners in Nigeria hosted on WhatsApp platforms. To join the platform, send an email to Women Africa with phone number and organization details.


  • Women’s Political Participation & Representation

Women Africa works towards meaningful shifts in gender relations and for gender equality in order to address the dramatic underrepresentation of women in political leadership roles. We build the capacity of women across Nigeria by strengthening their skills, building their confidence to lead, and with their community’s support, accessing positions of influence in political, civic and business decision-making roles.

We organize policy dialogue and discussions on prevalent policy issues that affects the full participation and development of women and persons with disabilities. We work with stakeholders at all levels to advocate for provision of quality services and institutions for women, youth and people with disabilities in a stable and peaceful environment

Our WOMEN AS LEADERS project trains young women to engage and compete effectively in politics and decision making, understand human rights and leadership skills needed to demand accountability from their representatives and to initiate and participate effectively in development activities carried out in their local communities.

Our commitment to the entrenchment of good Governance and Democracy is intertwined with our efforts to ensure women’s equal participation in Governance and the electoral process. We have been involved in Election monitoring, Voter’s Mobilization, Sensitization and Production of Publications to help ensure good governance coordinating and mobilizing women and youth and persons with disabilities for capacity building, elections observation, civic and voter education programmes.

Our Goal: 50-50 representation of women and men in political leadership. Women will have full and effective participation in leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and social life.


  • Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (P/CVE)

The UN Security Council Resolution 1325 affirm the importance of including women in P/CVE processes and their implementation. Women’s leadership and participation in safety and security planning and management is vital. Women play powerful roles in peace building and national security and this must be recognized. Our programs and alliances promote conflict resolution, violence prevention and a focus on women’s role in community and national security. We work with traditional and religious institutions on community responses to violent extremism.

  • Peace Education and Conflict ‘Handling’ Clubs in Secondary Schools

Under the Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism (PVE) project we work with young people in communities and enable focus on the themes of dialogue, alternative narrative, personal, social education and community sensitization to support and promote multicultural values. We also organize peace education and conflict ‘handling’ clubs in secondary schools, where students convene weekly to promote knowledge sharing and ideas that enhance trust, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence.