Our Story

Women Africa started in 2014 as an online mobilization platform, galvanizing support for women’s issues, sharing information…

Our Mission

Women Africa works towards the maximization of the contributions of women to Africa’s development potentials through…

Our Core Values

We are determined to make real, lasting improvements in women’s lives by transforming the root causes of gender inequality.


Gender disparities in the form of pay gaps, uneven opportunities for advancement, and unbalanced representation in important decision-making persist across the world, despite various efforts at both local and international levels to attain women’s equal access to leadership.

Women are faced with greater barriers than men when it comes to fully participating in social, political, and economic spheres. This inequality has manifested into denial of opportunities in all facets of life – from public governance to access to education and employment.

The importance of having women’s voices in social, economic, and political leadership positions cannot be overemphasized. Women leaders have positive impact on governance, economic success, and encourage other women to become leaders.  When women are in positions of influence, they bring different perspectives and approaches to decision-making that result in a more inclusive society. Leadership is fundamental to women mobilization, and therefore a crucial factor for improving women’s participation in the democratic space.

Our Objectives

Women Africa promotes the broadest participation of women and girls in the leadership space, works to end sexual and gender-based violence and to empower communities to advocate for gender responsive interventions.


To undertake awareness campaigns that will strategically influence at national and international levels, development processes and debates that ...


We are committed to developing innovative ideas that improve the quality of lives and human rights of women, girls and persons with disabilities.


To undertake evidence-based advocacy efforts in a multi-stakeholder framework for the involvement of women in governance and promote ...

Capacity Building

We seek to provide training and skills development to increase women's leadership capacity and strategy to enhance access of women and girls to ..


To serve as leading platform for women mobilization, networking, information sharing, advocacy and campaign for African women and girls.


To build global partnerships with thought leaders, policy makers, organizations and advocates across sectors to explore emerging issues and ...

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